Jake has the experience leading student organizations and working with administrators to be effective and efficient in the role of UA President.  He will help Jump Start the UA and help better your experience at Penn.  Jake has been both on UA Cabinet (as the Civic and Philadelphia Engagement Director) and the UA Executive Board (as Treasurer). Here are his committees and his track record to show what he has accomplished in the past:

  • Increased SAC’s budget by nearly $70,000, an unprecedented increase, which will give all of your student groups more money and the ability to put on more programming, attend more conferences, and much more
  • Secured funding to expand Skimmer and Fall Fest, which will be a great kickoff for improving attendance at athletic events
  • Provided financial assistance for PennCORP, to allow for a better pre-orientation program
  • Worked to streamline PennApps Labs, which brings the student body important applications, like Penn Book Bazaar, that tangibly improve student life. If elected, Jake will continue to leverage relationships to develop applications with the goals of saving you time and enhancing your productivity
  • Helped MERT increase its ability to assist students in need, by improving its budget situation
  • Spearheaded an initiative to bring student groups credit card readers, which would allow groups to sell tickets and merchandise by credit and debit card
  • Created a Common Funding Application, which will streamline funding for student run events
  • Advocated for better diversity practices in faculty recruitment and retention
  • Lead a student response to show support for Muslim student after the NY
  • Helped revamped the UPennAlert system, to allow the Department of Public Safety to better inform you of security problems
  • Helped to organize widespread student support for the DREAM Act
  • Researched best practices that lead to the creation of a Background Check Working Group, which will ultimately lead to a streamlined and subsidized background checks for students who do community service in local schools

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