Jake is concerned with improving student life and your experience at Penn. Some of his project ideas for next year are listed below, and he promises you that these are projects that are tangible and achievable this year.  Of course, he has many more ideas that are geared to specific communities at Penn. Also, send him more ideas if you think there’s something the UA should be working on! Here are some of Jake’s ideas:


  • Finish my project of giving every student group Square devices or other credit card readers by the end of 2012.
  • Improve attendance at athletic events, by engaging different communities.
  • Fix the alcohol policy, to create a smart balance between safety and fun, and ensure that it is easier for student groups and Greeks to host events.
  • Thanks to my lobbying and lobbying of countless other students Counseling and Psychological Services has received a bigger budget for next year.  This is not enough. Next year, I will build on our success and lobby for a one week maximum wait time for CAPS appointments.
  • Create a better liaison system and a so UA members can fix your problems faster.


  • Lobby the College to expand the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, and allow students to fill multiple sectors with the same class.
  • Unite 5B leaders and other students to publish an interim report on faculty diversity that will push the individual schools to make faster progress on pipeline programs, in particular on LGBT diversity, which was ignored on the University’s original report
  • Extend the Pass/Fail deadline, so you have more flexibility in your coursework
  • Create a Political Fund to help increase political dialogue on campus
  • Build on current resources for international students during the admission process, by obtaining information in more of the world’s most popular languages.


  • Restructure both 898-RIDE and the rest of the Penn Transit system, by obtaining a loop around campus proper and allowing students to enter without calling ahead of time.
  • Automate Perelman Quad reservations to ensure that groups have greater certainty in their room bookings
  • The University is in the process of developing their next campus master plan. I will ensure that performing arts spaces are a top priority of that plan. This is the only long-term solution to the PAC space problem.
  • Improve The Late Night, renovating the space, moving Starbucks downstairs and extending their hours.
  • Expand the bike share program, Penncycle, especially to the west side of campus.
  • Improve the responsiveness of Facilities, by increasing transparency of the process.
  • Five years after it was installed, Penn Alerts are still too random in the eyes of many students. We need better research on how to deploy them. That’s why, working with DPS, researchers from Annenberg, and students, I will ensure that Penn Police has the latest and best information on student behavior.
  •  Pushing Penn to rigorously enforce Philadelphia’s housing code on student landlords, and make sure Penn provides help and assistance to any student unfairly evicted or subject to shoddy housing conditions


  • Work with PennApps Labs and the Faculty Senate to design a wait list program for courses that meets student and faculty needs – I will deploy this program in time for Spring 2012
  • Penn Course Review didn’t get implemented into Penn In Touch because faculty demanded a level of technical upkeep unreasonable for unpaid student volunteers. Thus I will lobby the Provost for funding, to a paid point person who will manage Penn Course Review and ensure its highest quality
  • Allow students to book their travel to conferences and competitions through OSA, cutting out of pocket fees
  • Complete my project of creating a single funding application, in which your group can apply for every source of funding available to it
  • Bring PennLets into the Penn umbrella, giving it funding and resources, and establishing a single, transparent register of landlords to ensure no Penn student encounters a bad land lord twice
  • Create a Penn Calendar that students actually want to use by making it customizable to the groups you care about, easily integrating into Google Calendar and other apps, and incentivizing student groups to post their events on it by collaborating with SAC and the DP

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